#13. wedding industry vs self-esteem

in my search for "real texans" who are also "real people" (read: people I would like to be friends with), I found Maggie at Eat Drink Marry and her political campaign wedding -- so creative! (and the red shoes are fab!) I love her "F-Word Fridays" and all the fun ideas she's come up with. (totally stealing the cocktail napkin trivia!)

she's going for her first fitting and, well . . . just read it, here and then read her "letter" to the store where she bought her wedding gown (here. hilarious. and sad.) and tell me you aren't just totally pissed off! as if the wedding industry doesn't offer enough ways to make women feel anxious, guilty or insecure . . . bridal salons are often among the worst culprits! buying a wedding dress should be a fun, glamorous and exciting event. I mean, how often is it that you get to try on amazing dresses and have people fawn over you? and every woman should leave her shopping experience feeling like an absolutely beautiful goddess not like she is somehow less because of her size or shape (or budget!). that is exactly the reason I got out of the bridal industry.

the dress-buying day grants salespeople the perfect opportunity (and even, dare I say, responsibility) to work against the machine and try to reverse some of that "there is onle one standard of beauty and it's not you" magazine thinking we have been poisoned with all these years . . . haven't we come farther than this? aren't we supposed to be more accepting and loving than we were years ago? a woman in love is beautiful, even if she doesn't fit exactly into the size 6 sample dresses (who does, really?)

plus, isn't that what alterations is for?

(grrrr . . . getting off of soap-box . . . )

(oh, ps: I really do think some of it is dallas. sorry big-d, you are one crazy vain biatch . . .)


  1. You are awesome. I don't have time to leave an appropriate note of thanks, but from one accidental Texan to another, consider this my thanks: http://eatdrinkmarry.blogspot.com/2009/03/local-self-esteem-boosters-unite.html.

    You rock!

  2. You know, I thought I was the only one who felt abused during wedding dress shopping. NYC bridal shops are almost all the same - I I got dressed and walked out the door every time they said "How much do you plan to lose before your wedding?"

    It is terrible and the shop owners should be ashamed. I bought my dress at the first shop that didn't ask the question - even though I had always dreamed of a Vera Wang dress, the sales girl ruined it for me. They don't deserve my money if they're going to throw insults!