#53. a confession

um, hi.

I used to write things here . . . about my upcoming, though now-over wedding.

and then I stopped. without warning, excuse or explanation. and this isn't really an explanation (and certainly not a good one) but, I think it's time for a confession . . .

I started writing a blog (this blog!) because I wanted to have friends.

there. that's out there. I wanted people to read what I wrote & think "man, that girl is cool & I want to be her friend!" having just moved to a big crazy state and a big crazy city, I wanted to connect with people.

and then I felt like no amount of anonymous text on the internets could create friends. and then I got lazy about writing.

so, I don't know if I'll keep writing here and if I do, it will certainly change focus (having finished with the wedding-ing and all . . .) but I just wanted to tell someone what happened . . .


#50. I love mini food

I love cupcakes. they're like a mini cake. any food in miniature is somehow tastier but especially dessert-type food.

Rock & I are still in negotiations about the dessert section of our wedding. he's not a big sweets fan but does love brownies, pie and the occasional chocolate chip cookie. I, on the other hand, have an unquenchable sweet tooth and will eat nearly any dessert except for white (wedding) cake. we've tossed around some ideas . . . a non-traditional-weddingy cake, cupcakes, cheesecakes, pie, cookies, donuts (which Rock's brother & Sparkles just did, so that'll be a "no") . . . but we still haven't really come to any conclusions.

but I just found these!:

they're mini pies!! baked in little jars!

visit Not Martha for a great tutorial and lots of pictures. the best part? because they're in jars, they're freezable. I could make them ahead of time and then just freeze them until we need them!

wait, am I actually thinking about making my own wedding food? am I crazy? . . . . . .


#48. faux vintage

in the last post, I was wondering how to find cheap vintage blue ball mason jars. I did a little research and found that they sell in shops & on ebay for, like, $10. each! I was ready to abandon the idea. then, I found this: make vintage mason jars. A.Mountain.Bride found a tutorial at Bridal Buzz and re-posted the steps and images.

kristin at Bridal Buzz used turquoise glass paint to simply paint the jars the vintage color. so brilliantly obvious that I never would have thought of it! I will refrain from re-posting the whole thing here, but look at the finished product:
it looks exactly like Non-Texan Momma's jar! maybe prettier . . . (don't tell Momma)

I bought the glass paint and thinner online from dick blick. I'll let you know how it turns out!


#45. last time, on survivor

you know how at the beginning of the show, they tell you what you missed last week? well, here's what you missed: 3 people from my department quit (out of 12 total, all from my specific office), work drama, non-texan sister didn't take well to an experimental hospital procedure, I totally forgot I had a blog, I didn't get funding for grad school, our landlady disappeared (no really, like, gone. still gone, actually), then I DID get funding, I remembered I had a blog but didn't have anything to say, sister got better, I quit, more work drama, I moved and started school, Rock moved somewhere else (sad), and I got better about blogging again. (that last part might be still to come, but I totally believe it!)

did you follow all that? no prob, not important. what is important it that I AM BACK! and I have Save The Dates!

I'm not sure how I got there, but I was wedding surfing and came upon Merriment Design. totally cute, clever, crafty, FREE ideas for all kinds of things! anyway, I found this adorable FREE save the date template based off of a sketch of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. it's perfect for our wedding under the trees! (and did I mention it's FREE?!)

so, I downloaded it, added our info, added some color and drew in a little sunflower at the bottom! what do you think?
(sorry for the blurry, my photoshop's not working so it's via powerpoint. I'll get a better pic up asap.)
(click to enbiggen and to see with less blurry!)

go to Merriment Design and check out all the fun crafty ideas they have!


#44. ch-ch-ch-changes . . .

guess what? I moved! I quit my job, moved to a little apartment, started grad school and have had absolutely no time! and it's AWESOME! the only sad part? Rock hasn't been able to find a new job. so he's still in Dallas, working. (and living in an even smaller apartment than this one!)

I've got great stuff to show you (invites! centerpiece craft idea! the dress!) but no time! soon! I'll be back soon!


#41. I won!

let's start by saying I never win anything. door prizes, bingo games, bets, scratch-off lotto tickets . . . nothing. you know those carnival games where you pick up the floating duck & win a prize if the bottom is red or whatever? yeah, no. my duck is not a winner.

but, I DID win a little "contest" the Repeat Bride was having the other day for some engagement books. (she was mostly giving them away, but hush. I will claim my small victories where I can) I "won" a copy of Emotionally Engaged: A Bride's Guide to Surviving the "Happiest" Time of Her Life (by Allison Moir-Smith).

I'm kind of excited.

also, check out her blog. it's great. she's very honest about the ups & downs of preparing not just for a wedding but for a life together. actually, she's really very honest about everything. pretty great.

(ps: does it make me a nerd to be really excited about winning a book? probably. do I care? nope.)

#40. the birdcage

once wed just posted "how-tos" for this great birdcage veil! I love it! now, where around here would I find a store to sell me these supplies? joanns just won't cut it for this project . . .